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Most frequent questions and answers

We can organise video interviews with potential employees. If required, we can also conduct the interviews on your behalf, documenting any evidence of key skills required. All interviews can be recorded and made available for your review.

On confirmation that your organisation would like to use Harestua Bemannings services, by signature of the T&C’s. We will confirm the qualifications and skills required for your resources for your approval.  Once approved, we will commence the recruitment process, this can be through our partners in Poland, Romania either through their existing networks or if required posting of a suitable advertisement in local press.

We will send you CVs of candidates we believe are suitable for the job and meet all of your requirements. All the CVs are in our standardised format.

Any candidate shortlisted will have their qualifications verified and references checked. A video interview can be arranged.

It is not common in Poland and Eastern Europe for workers to have their own tools. Tools will usually be provided by the employer. We recommend that you should not expect tools, although it is not a general condition. In some professions (e.g. specialised welders), one’s own tools are a standard and Polish workers will have them. 

The process for recruitment, the moment you place an order until you physically meet your employees, in normal circumstances, takes no longer than two to three weeks.

If you are looking for someone sooner – please tell us and we will try to organise the workers for you as soon as possible.

Yes, we can organise training for candidates, including intensive English courses, also specialist English courses and training for specialist qualifications. 

Harestua Bemanning will endeavour to provide workers that exactly match the Client’s criteria. However, if the workers are not suitable:

One Off Fee: and they were supplied for permanent employment (recruitment service) – the Client should terminate the employment and claim a refund from Harestua Bemanning. During the first two weeks, the refund is 100%. After this two-week period, a refund schedule applies.

Commission: and they are temporary workers supplied under contract of service, the Client should inform Harestua Bemanning immediately to take steps to replace the worker. The Client may ask the worker to leave the workplace and will only be charged for the work performed.

We may ask you to explain the nature of unsuitability as this will help us to avoid the situation from repeating in the future and determine what steps we should take in relation to the worker.

If the requirement is to speak English, then we will ensure that this requirement is satisfied with all resources put forward. We will also provide a rating of the level of English to help you assess resources to shortlist.